Today at Gawker.TV, CBS's Harry Smith's embarrassing Final Four picks, The Amazing Race contestants fight among themselves in France, The Ricky Gervais Show delves into monkey-on-human sex, and just how self-congratulatory is the opening sequence for HBO's The Pacific?

The Pacific's Credit Sequence Takes Itself a Bit Too Seriously
Have you seen the credit sequence for HBO's miniseries The Pacific? There really is no other way to put it other than 'epic'. Actually, it goes beyond epic. This show takes itself so seriously, the credits border on masturbatory.

CBS' Harry Smith Has the Worst NCAA Bracket Ever
It's no secret that winning an NCAA tournament comes down to a bit of luck. But by the looks of his Final Four picks, Harry Smith is going to need Northern Iowa to pull a few upsets.

The Amazing Race: Make Baguettes, Not War
Instead of the usual airport hustle and bustle, this week teams were driven to an unknown location (which ended up being France) and they went to war with each other, themselves, Morse code and some really old bicycles.

Monkey News Disturbingly Accurate in Regards to Human, Chimp Relationship
On Friday's Ricky Gervais Show, Karl Pilkington unearths some stomach-churning facts about a half human, half chimpanzee that had a way with human ladies. UK Documentary footage proves Karl to be correct(?!) after the jump!

All the Failing and Falling Kids a Person Could Want in One Video
Riding bikes on rickety ramps, jumping off ridiculously high platforms or simply smashing into stuff. Kids just don't have common sense. In this original compilation, we've spliced together the stupidest, funniest and most painful mishaps into a single video.