LuAnn, the Countess of Crackerjacks, may have written the book on etiquette, but she was behaving disgracefully at a party this weekend. Do we really expect any of the Housewives to behave like real ladies? Dirty details inside.

Here is the full report from a tipster. The boyfriend in question is Jacques Azoulay, pictured here:

She attended a party where I work over the weekend. Her new, much-younger boyfriend on her arm, she proceeded to harass the staff to meet all sorts of personal service requests. She required to be served from the buffet rather than get her food for herself (as the other 80 guests did), then made the kitchen make her hot fries even though she appeared hours after dinner was scheduled to be served, asked for more food she didn't eat, and didn't tip a dollar. Her uncomfortable date seemed very used to apologizing for her behavior and tipping staff for putting up with it. Dis-countess indeed! Perhaps she should read her own etiquette book.

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