Today we took a look at Glenn Beck's approaching supernova, and you guys had lots to say. One commenter in particular really delved into the heart of the madness.

Hey, Spirit Fingers. Tell us how you really feel:

He's such a putrid, brain sucking, pod person. There's no way I believe he's actually a person with a soul. He's too dumb, demontastic, and befuddled-a-crazy. Watching his show is literally like standing in the clock tower shaking your fist and ranting with him at all the "damned Beehezelbob flying tarantulas of democracy" while he cries and emotes the end of the world like a possessed uncle fester.

I hope his imminent meltdown will be spectacular...but really, what is it that he does every night that isn't a march-of-the-blue-hyenas meltdown? Whenever I've seen him he looks like he needs an inhaler, two quaaludes, and a new pair of undershorts.