Michael Moore emerged from a long hiatus to voice his outrage about health care on Tavis Smiley. What came out was the sad reality that one man cannot change the world—unless he's skinny.

Throughout the interview, Smiley was more therapist than journalist, telling Moore not to fret, keep his chin-up, it's always darkest before the dawn etc. He stopped just short of offering him some hot cocoa. But none of Smiley's attempts at cheering up Moore worked.

Anger hasn't worked for Moore, neither has comedic satire, so now really the only feeling he has left before acceptance is sadness. Moore cited a multitude of reasons for his melancholic feelings of defeat: Republican fear-mongering (of course), the dumbing down of the American populace, greedy health care lobbyists, and in turn, greedy politicians averse to change.

When he really starts digging deep is when he questions exactly why no one listens to him. Can America really be that shallow so as to not listen to the preachings of an overweight, unkempt man? A quick look at the leggy blonde anchor on Fox News answers to that question.

Poor Michael Moore. Maybe investing in a comb before making those documentaries would have changed the course of history as we know it.

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