Anthony Bourdain has gone from hip middle-aged man who travels the world, to a crotchety old man who travels the world so gradually we almost didn't notice. But there he was last night, complaining, aching, and just being old.

He wears old man clothing. What's one of the things that determines how elderly someone is? Their choice in clothing. Gone are the days of tailored blazers and leather jackets. Now it's all pleated khakis hiked up to your armpits, white tennis shoes, and hideous sweaters. And boy did Bourdain bust-out his Old Man Sweater last night. It went beyond screaming Cosby—it screamed "get off my lawn!"

He complains about the weather. Sure he was basically in Siberia last night, but he could not stop whining about how cold it was. Surely after this episode Bourdain will demand nothing but tropical locales.

He admits he's an old man

When skiing, he definitely looked more than capable, but then they showed him next to younger, more agile skiiers, and he was just, well...slow. I also worried that he may break his hip at any minute. Saying "let's see if this old man can keep up!" kind of sealed the deal.

He still drinks like a maniac, though, which may temporarily make him younger, but he looks double his age the next day when nursing that hangover.

So instead of being a heroin junky who smokes a pack of Marlboros a day, he takes blood pressure medication and enjoys going to sleep during The Tonight Show. And who are we to blame him? He's earned those old bones.