Today at Gawker.TV, Jessica Simpson discovers the true Price of Beauty, Johnny Weir's sexually-charged Pilates stretches, Law & Order uses Project Runway as its defense, NatGeo dresses hundreds of folks up to reenact the life of sperm.

Tonight's Law and Order Case: Project Runway Made Him Do It
Law and Order was full of gay pop culture references last night. (Cheyenne Jackson! That chick from My Girl!). But nothing was as significant-not to mention as hilarious-as when prosecutors invoked "Project Design" while prosecuting a hate crime.

National Geographic Invents Sperm Larping on Sizing Up Sperm
In Sizing Up Sperm, thousands of men and women dress in white and run around town in an attempt to explain... insemination? The miracle of life? The miracle of junk?

Be Good Johnny Weir: Sex on Ice
Though figure skating is most often described with tiresome combinations of adjectives like "delicate" and "graceful", Johnny Weir, always an iconoclast, is known to bring his own sexually-charged power into the rink.

Stephen Colbert Puts Rumor To Rest: "Yes, I've Interviewed The Messiah"
Stephen Colbert confirmed internet rumors—ones reported by the New York Times just last month, even—that one of last week's guests on The Colbert Report is in fact the second coming of a messiah for all mankind.

Jessica Simpson Pays "The Price of Beauty" in Thailand
The first stop on the beauty train for Jessica, her stylist Ken Paves, and her buddy CaCee was Thailand, where they ate fried cockroaches and spoke to a woman who suffered permanent scarring.