Two new shows from two old talents, Terrence Winter's Boardwalk Empire and David Simon's Treme, are debuting this year on HBO and we couldn't be more excited. Just look at these two new longer-form trailers.

Sure they don't really tell us what the shows are about exactly, but we can infer. Boardwalk Empire is about bootleggers in Prohibition-era Atlantic City, and Treme is about the denizens — especially musicians — of post-Katrina New Orleans. We hope for Sopranos-esque violence and existential dread from Empire, and The Wire's brand of dizzying urban cartography from Treme. And, judging by these trailers, we can pretty much be sure that both series will look beautiful. And look at those actors: Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, Michael K. Williams, Michael Shannon (so many Michaels!), Melissa Leo, the marvelous and underused Kim Dickens, Khandi Alexander, Wendell Pierce, Clarke Peters, John Goodman. Wooftie. Observe the new ascendancy of HBO!

[via Vulture]