"Two sources at the Science Times section of the New York Times have told me that a majority of the section's editorial staff doubts that human-induced global warming represents a serious threat to humanity." -Science writer John Horgan.

You can go ahead and blame coercion or mass hysteria or whatever the hell you want, but 97% of real-life working climate scientists and 82% of 3,146 Earth scientists from all sorts of other fields agree that people are driving global warming, according to the most recent and extensive survey on the subject. Oh, but the liberal New York Times has some doubts, probably because they read a very convincing press release from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, once.

(Or maybe they believe that human-driven climate change will actually not cause anything bad to happen? Sure! Let's just wing it and see! What's the worst a few inches of rising ocean levels can do? The Science Times section is probably on a really high floor of the Times building—which is on an island.)