Tonight, Jon Stewart did what he's best at: mocking something while convincingly arguing against it. Stewart's target? The Catholic Church, for—among other things—covering up a gay prostitution ring run by a Vatican Choir singer for the Pope's usher.

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As per usual, Stewart brilliantly—and sarcastically—argued against the Vatican for a host of offenses: the aforementioned gay prostitution ring; the delayed-by-20-years suspension of a convicted pedophile priest (Pope Benedict himself is accused of covering up the offenses when he was an archbishop in Germany); the denial of communion for Congressman Patrick Kennedy by the Providence, RI diocese because of Kennedy's pro-choice political stance; and the suspension of a preschooler and kindergardener in a Boulder, CO Catholic school because their parents are lesbians.

We can't be sure at this point, but it's likely that the Pope is currently shaking in his red Prada boots.

Kudos, Mr. Stewart, on another smackdown, delivered with comedic conviction.

[The Daily Show with Jon Stewart]