We all agree that "sexting" is one of the great moral perils of our age. So Dubai's decision to jail two airline staffers for three months for salacious sexting is a good sign. But sometimes Dubai goes too far.

The two Emirates airline staffers were wantonly typing sexxxy messages to one another, but have now been brought to justice for their "coercion to the commitment of sin." And how! But now, Dow Jones reports, Dubai is going after the tourists, too:

Brits Ayman Najafi and Charlotte Adams were arrested last November after an Emirati woman sitting with her children reported them to the police, alleging they were kissing passionately and touching each other. This week, the pair who are currently on bail, appealed against a one-month jail sentence and deportation.

Does Dubai want to face an angry crowd of tourists chanting the moving slogan, "If touching each other in Dubai is a crime in Dubai, I don't want to go to Dubai so I'll go touch someone somewhere else"? Clearly not. So Dubai should only enforce their Draconian sexless laws on their own citizens. We can visit and just fuck each other everywhere, and meanwhile the terrorist Muslins that live there cannot reproduce. Everyone wins.
[Pic: Flickr]