Last night's episode was all about conning and double crossing. But there was at least one honest-seeming moment during the islandcapades: Bad Lock opening up to Kate about kids who grow up with crazy moms. He spoke from experience.

I read the Bible freshman year of college (Catholic college) which was about sixty-five years ago at this point, so I forget. Is there an evil biblical figure with a bad mom? Is there one in any other religious narrative? Well, whatever. The point is that there's some ancient backstory with Smoky-as-Locke wherein he had a crazy mother who caused things to be really, really bad. Might he be referring to, oh I don't know, a mutual mom he shared with old Jacob there? Did Bad Locke see some favoritism that set him ill at ease?

As the season becomes more and more confuddling, I think it's pretty clear that we're really not supposed to think that Smoky is evil. It's a lot more ambiguous than that. So wouldn't it be the ultimate surprise if Smoky did, in fact, turn out to be just straight up wicked? It'd be a fun bait and switch and bait again.

Also: Didn't it seem like Kate might die about five separate times in this episode, and were you all as kinda excited about that prospect as I was?