Ladies: What Do You Call Your Van Hooten?

While prudish America argues over whether ladies can even say "tampon vagina" on teevee, a hippie feminine product company in Mother England is fully engaged in promoting not only vaginas, but also Pootie Tangs, Fajitas, Flangivas, Vaginkles, and Anastasia Beaverhousens.

At, empowered ladies are sharing their very own vagina nicknames. Like Jemima, Foofanoo, Pachinki, Tambourine, Schnitzel, Bajingo, Minimoo, Pik Pik, Nimnim, Foo-Foo, Ku Ku, Hoohoo, Moo Moo, Boohoo, Mu Shu, Rara, Foofie, Pudi, Clacker, Skweeter, Shosha, My Netherlands, Money Slot, Front Bottom, The Batcave, Gobbleitallup, Whispering Eye, and Archduke Ferdinand.

The most popular nickname is "Cunt."


[Love Your Vagina via Copyranter]