ABC's Scrubs has had a rough run. Through the years, it has had countless timeslots, was switched from NBC to ABC, and—this season—was re-invented as a med school show. This is how the show (possibly) went out.

Yes, it's unclear if this is the last we'll see of Scrubs, and it isn't the first time it has seemed like the show is over. NBC gave it two series finales after changing its day and time about 80 times over its first five years on the air. When ABC resurrected it last season, it seemed like Scrubs may have been saved. Key word being may.

The end of last season saw the departure of half the cast, including star Zach Braff (though he made a few guest appearances this season), as well as creator Bill Lawrence. It's a sad end for a show that once had real promise, but was reduced to this: a spin-off of itself, making desperate attempts to capture what it once was. Thank god someone finally exercised the DNR order.