Two weeks ago, Ryan Seacrest finally grew some balls and confronted Simon Cowell on American Idol for his harsh judgments of contestants. Yesterday, it happened again (and it was awkward/full of sexual tension). Tonight, Cowell fought back. Video inside.

It all started on March 3, when Cowell told Haeley Vaughn (RIP), "there's a certain irony for you, singing a song about climbing when you actually fell off," after she butchered Miley Cyrus' "The Climb." Instead of then reading from his script and giving the viewer the phone number to call to vote for Vaughn, Seacrest interrupted and badgered Cowell about his remarks in an aggressive—and seemingly genuine—manner. [Click here] for the video.

Last night, it happened again—and it was worse. After Cowell called parts of Michael Lynche's performance "desperate," Seacrest harassed him for a good minute or so and demanded an explanation as to what, exactly, was desperate about it. Just as awkward as the first exchange, but oddly full of sexual tension that wasn't present before, this caused Mike Byhoff to ask, "Can Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest just bang already?" [Click here] to see the video from last night.

Which brings us to... tonight! As Seacrest opened the show and introduced the judges, he got to Cowell, who then promptly interrupted and let it be known that he had a bone to pick with Seacrest. Here's what happened.

So, what's the beef?

Sure, Seacrest and Cowell have been known to bicker on occasion, but it's usually much more playful—and rehearsed—than what's transpired this season. Does Cowell just not give an eff anymore? Is Seacrest over it, too? Did something happen off-camera? Did Seacrest literally grow some balls? Did the producers put them up to it to make up for what's been a lackluster start to the season, in terms of talent? Or do they really, really just need to get it over with and bang already?

Only time will tell, but at least we get to see it all go down live... on American Idol!

Cherette, out.

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