Comedy Central's new show, Ugly Americans, explores what life in New York City would be like if zombies, demons and various other manner of ghouls were real. Turns out, life would be about the same as it is now.

Remember the last time you talked a zombie down from a brain-eating binge? I sure do.

The central character is Mark Lilly, a small-time bureaucrat just trying to do the right thing. He's the everyman who works tirelessly for his clients—immigrants who need help assimilating into American life—except for the fact that they have emigrated from other dimensions. He's dating his boss, who happens to be a demon. And his roommate and best friend is a zombie.

Like FX's Archer, Ugly Americans throws the standard travails of normal life into a completely absurd milieu, but unlike Archer, the result isn't entirely positive. Ugly Americans has a few bright spots, but overall it's less than stellar. Elements of the premise are fun, but the "normal guy just trying to survive in an insane world" routine is pretty old and the characters are just too bland to make the show really zing. Maybe it'll evolve into something more worthwhile, or maybe we can all just hold our collective breath and wait for the return of Futurama in June.

[Ugly Americans]