LeVar Burton saw another famous face at Ralph's; Alyssa Milano saw her authorship challenged; and Jolie O'Dell saw her job sail away. The Twitterati watched ruefully.

What would actor LeVar Burton and model Fabio talk about at the supermarket? If there was a plausible answer to that question, Burton probably would have tweeted a quote from their unlikely conversation rather than a sighting.

After her "best night of sleep ever," ReadWriteWeb's Jolie O'Dell said goodbye to her job.

Whoever is writing Alyssa Milano's Twitter pinkie swears she is writing Alyssa Milano's Twitter.

Jennifer 8. Lee described the charming people she interviewed for Fortune Cookie Chronicles. It was not too much longer after that she left her job interviewing people.

Molly McAleer, the 889-page-Tumblr sensation, went hunting. For revenge.

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