Gawd, if you didn't know better you'd think that someone is trying to send kids a message not to smoke cigarettes. The federal government's going to start enforcing rules making it harder to market to kids. Is nothing sacred?

The government says it'll start enforcing 15 year-old FDA restrictions on tobacco marketing to teens. Among the rules: No tobacco company event sponsorship, no color ads in stores, no tobacco-branded non-tobacco products, no free samples, no vending machines where kids could get at them, and no packs of fewer than 20 cigarettes. This follows recent gubmint crackdowns on tobacco magazine advertising, clove cigarettes, flavored cigarettes, and light cigarettes. That's right: the classic American pastime of sucking down your free five-pack of Kahlua Klove-flavored Camel Lights while wearing your Camel t-shirt you bought with Camel Cash is now dead.

Way to kill childhood, Obama. All kids have left now is delicious Snus.
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