It is not even up for debate that the first Predator was awesome. The franchise took a serious nosedive With Predator 2 and Aliens Vs. Predator. Best thign to do? Reboot the franchise. Hey, it worked for Batman.

Predator 2—aka Predators in L.A.—was a horrid excuse for a sequel. Danny Glover is no Carl Weathers, and he is definitely no Arnold Schwarzenegger. Aliens vs. Predator involved a girl running around in a white hoody in the middle of Antarctica. I can usually suspend my disbelief, but come on. The Predator franchise devolved from totally badass man's man movie with gatling guns and rocket launchers in a jungle to a campy joke.

Now Robert Rodriguez is on board as producer and Antal Nimród is on as director to breathe new life into good ol' vagina face. The casting choice of Adrian Brody as hero protagonist is kind of annoying, until you see his arms. Because dude is ripped, and that's the most important quality for an actor in any Predator flick. If you can carry a 100 lb. weapon, and can mildly act, you can be in Predator. Ex-wrestlers preferred.

Sure it looks exactly like Aliens, but that movie was totally awesome, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to see this. Midnight showing kinda excited.

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