Today at Gawker.TV, 30 Rock has fun at Tiger Woods' expense, Craig Robinson finally gets some airtime on The Office, Archer's cliffhanger finale, Tony Hale's anti-Ghost pottery class on Community, and Johnny Weir suggests his personality cost him a medal.

30 Rock Takes a Not So Subtle Jab at Tiger Woods
Kismet or luck: 30 Rock's tale of Tracy Jordan's shattered reputation fell on the same day that Tiger Woods' saucy text messages surfaced. Only difference being his scandal is the exact opposite of Tiger's.

Cliffhanger Questions on Archer's Season Finale
Questions were posed, few were answered. Who is Archer's father? Is Lana really going to bang that fat woman nobody will sleep with? Will Cyril go postal? Thank God Archer got renewed!

There Will Be No Mention of the Movie "Ghost" in Tony Hale's Pottery Class
Welcome to Buster Bluth's bizarre pottery class. He has only one rule the students must abide by: No Ghosting. Unfortunately, Jeff's competition with the other "good-looking cool guy" in class causes him to break this anti-Patrick Swayze rule.

Is Craig "Darryl" Robinson Finally Being Utilized by The Office?
Actor Craig Robinson, star of the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine, has been in Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, and Arrested Development. As a side-character on The Office since season 1, he's hardly been used. Could this finally be changing?

Did Being Johnny Weir Cost Him an Olympic Medal?
On Lopez Tonight, Johnny Weir discussed the politics of the figure skating medal platform, saying that his often-controversial personality may have been assessed by Olympic judges before he even took the ice—and could have cost him a medal.