This week leprechauns, drunks and March Madness invaded, we're still obsessed with the merits of Chatroulette and Celebrity Twitter accounts had to prove their worth.

[Photo by Diana Levine]

Celebrity Twitters are all the rage, and while some inspire laughter or helpful uniped twitpics (lookin' at you, DeVito!) , others enrage. Such is the destiny of Diddy and Shaq, like Zach Mack says "Diddy's tweets are the twitter equivalent of nails on a chalkboard!"

March Madness, Oh! That college kids might make ridiculous basketball tricks look easy, yet they still can't spell.

Dakota Fanning was on Jimmy Fallon, and now everyone is like, who dis', Brook Shields?

Some Irish crap we can't understand got spat out on our Drunks Falling Down post. Can we get a translation, BejeweledEdificeOfCheese?

A leprechaun spotting can do a lot to a person, or a person has to do a lot of the wrong stuff to see a leprechaun, a lot of crack that is.

While Chatroulette is still a vast wasteland of exposed genitalia, there's one guy and his piano making it right. But Florabel Mulvaney wants it one step more, saying that "Next I'd like to see exposed junk playing the piano."

Who thinks of this stuff?