The We We Live Now: Better than we used to. Assuming "we" are farmers in India. And we are, because the only industries left here in the USA are life insurance, and robbing life insurance agents.

Rich farmers in India: are limos good enough for them? Nooooooooooooooo. La dee da, fancy froo. Tweedle dee, sipping on money tea, in India, only the finest of everything, so wealthy, walking on air, sipping champagne. They only fly around in helicopters but meanwhile do they know that because they are Indian they should not fly on helicopters, because below them are hundreds of millions of their countrymen who are too poor for a helicopter or even a limo at all?

We'll tell you who we blame for this: the recession. All the normal non-Indian-farming jobs, which were based in shopping malls, are shrinking down to the size of a pea. They are gone. The only thing left to do is sell life insurance to your fellow sentient humans. In India. Which is pretty damn hard when they're all whizzing above your head in helicopters, flaunting their great jute fortunes. The unfortunate stragglers remaining in America are left robbing each other politely, trying to raise enough cash to buy

One day we shall fly the skies with you, Indian farmers; one day.
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