This week, we attempted to replace a word, we sexted, and we revealed Martha Stewart's hunger for rodent flesh.

No one knows how to "sell" news for "money." Rielle Hunter knows how to give good quote. She also filmed John Edwards giving her something else.

The New York Times hired a guy to save a reporter's life and then they revealed that this guy was maybe helping assassinate people, too. Rachel Maddow talked to a bigot. We called on Anne Hathaway to adopt an adorable puppy. Then we wondered if the President is sad.

Hamilton has had enough of Jay-Z. AOL cannot make the kids turn their homework in on time.

Tea Partiers had some more crazy signs. We met the next generation of Times owners. We explained Justin Bieber.

Ithaca is deadly. One gay terrorist could've stopped 9/11. Michael Lewis borrows ideas from the kids. Martha Stewart eats guinea pigs. And she hangs out with celebrities.

Kirstie Alley said "bullshit" while speaking about some bullshit she is shilling for.

We want to know what kind of nerd you are. TechCrunch 50's founders do not get along. Larry Flynt is writing an awesome book. Joe the Biden told some wonderful jokes.

Beyonce moves product. Toyota would like ABC to apologize. Gwyneth Paltrow: she eats human food! Brooklyn destroyed Manhattan with nudity. We chatted with Lada Gaga's prison girlfriend. Bill O'Reilly is less exciting these days. Ivanka Trump has a stalker!

Go ahead and sext Tiger.

We're done with hipsters. So we need a new word for them.

And we watched tv: Gossip Girl, American Idol, High Society, Project Runway and The Real Housewives of New York.

Take care.