A human with fangs pistol whipped and bit a Manhattan cabbie five times, leaving the victim with visible vampire scars that he may have for the rest of his life.

I hope he's married, because once you have vampire bite scars on your neck and arm, that's going to be your first date conversation every single time, ad nauseum.

New York's ABC affiliate, WABC7, reports:

Seck says the man first whipped him on the head with a gun. You can still see the mark from that blow on his forehead.

The men struggled over the gun. After Seck managed to throw the weapon aside, he says the passenger started biting him, five times to be exact including on his back while Seck leaned over to pick up the weapon.
"The gun fall down. I'm going to pick up the gun. He's in me. He's in me over there," Seck explained, pointing to his back.The vampire burglar has yet to be apprehended.

[WABC7 via Gothamist]