Tiger Woods gave his first interview since his multiple affairs to ESPN's Tom Rinaldi. Rinaldi was allowed to ask whatever he wanted — but the interview was restricted to five minutes. Here's the video.

Woods said... pretty much nothing. He deflected some topics by claiming privacy. Which is faintly ridiculous. "I've done some pretty bad things," he said, stating the obvious. He refused to answer questions about the night he crashed his Cadillac SUV, saying "it's all in the police report — beyond that everything is between Elin and myself. As for the affairs "just one was enough — and obviously that wasn't the case." No it wasn't. Woods said he is still in treatment, although he would not specify what for, and would remain so because he "saw a person that I never thought that I'd ever become, I got away from my core values, I got away from my Buddhism." Anyone who has read his texts can attest to that.

He said that his lowest point was telling his wife, who he loves "with everything I have" and his mother about his transgressions. Both conversations were "brutal, I've hurt them the most. To say the things that I have done, truthfully to them was very painful." As for the marriage moving forward? "We work at it."

No shit, Tiger.

UPDATE: He repeated many of the same talking points in this Golf Channel interview. It's clear his team has been reading John Cassidy in The New Yorker.