Today at Gawker.TV, Rod Blagojevich gets mistaken for Donny Osmond on Celebrity Apprentice, Kirstie Alley's show reveals her love of the Wii, The Simpsons goes soft, and Cleveland's cast ventures to our fair city and drops by Saturday Night Live.

Rod Blagojevich Gets Mistaken For Donny Osmond on The Celebrity Apprentice
Rod Blagojevich is a name few around the country tend to forget—especially in Illinois. But for one special young woman on the streets of New York—a state he has had no hand in ruining—he'll always be Donny.

Cleveland & Co. Stop by Saturday Night Live
The fact that Cleveland and Roberta had never taken a real honeymoon brings the gang of The Cleveland Show to the Big Apple. The gang happens upon a slew of mishaps and adventures that culminate in a stop at SNL!

Kirstie Alley Has A Love/Hate Relationship With Her Wii
Kirstie Alley may be a profanity-spouting Scientologist, but she's no fool. Tonight on Kirstie Alley's Big Life, when her daughter tries to convince her that Wii Fit can help with her weight loss, Kirstie wants no part of it.

The Simpsons Pay Tribute to Romantic Kisses in TV & Movies
When Bart's given mouth-to-mouth by his new love interest, the show fades into a montage of romantic scenes in both film and TV. It includes everything from the "Spiderman kiss" to WALL-E. Who knew The Simpsons had a soft side?

The Amazing Race: Champagne, Anyone?
Due to March Madness I was forced to watch 60 Minutes almost in full. And just when I couldn't take it anymore, I heard the sweet warbling of Andy Rooney's voice. The Amazing Race was finally starting! 45 minutes late.