Everyone Watching TV and Twittering at the Same Time These Days

This should come as no surprise to those of you versed in live blogs and whatnot, but it is still a little scary! A new study shows a 35% increase in simultaneous television and computer usage since 2008.

Some 60% of the folks surveyed by Nielsen said that they have been interneting and TV watching at the same time at least once a month. Two screens means double the fun! And double the strain on the eyes, brain, and soul. Right now the average American is spending about 3.5 hours a month doing their Facebooks and their DVRs at the same time, because everything moves fast and is techno-crazy here in the future.

I'm pretttyyyyy guilty of doing this myself. All told I'm probably futzing around on the computer for at least four hours outside of work, a lot of that while watching TV. (Mad if I missed something in a recap? Blame the distracting computer. Or substances.) It's pretty awful, but it's something I just can't stop doing, unless it's a really compelling show like the well-watched Breaking Bad season premiere. I hate myself and am probably going blind from glowing blue entertain-o-light, but whatever. Live-Tweeting TV is fun.


How about you? Are you a hyper plugged-in nerd like the rest of us, or some hippie granola crunchy freak who only gazes at one crystalline LCD plasma entity at a time?