Vivian Blake, Murderous Coke Don

Vivian Blake—founder of the Shower Posse, the Jamaican coke-dealing gang that terrorized great swaths of cokey America in the 1980s, and got its name from "showering" people with bullets—died Sunday in Jamaica at age 53. So young!


  • Shower Posse was so fucking hardcore they got an episode of American Gangster, even thought they're Jamaican. Now that's hardcore.
  • "Among the most shocking incidents, and the one that put the Shower Posse on the map, came in Miami in November 1984, a massacre of five victims that became known as the Nickel Murders. One of the victims was a pregnant woman who was shot dead while kneeling with her hands folded in prayer." Vivian Blake will always have that to be proud of.
  • The actual name of the current (alleged) Shower Posse boss: Christopher Coke.
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