Wal-Mart is good! Working moms are evil! Moon water flavors! Needle poke studies! These and other wondrous findings from the world of science in today's Science Watch, where we watch the science—voraciously eating facts!

  • A scientific test of "fairness to strangers" conducted at locations all over the world found that the fairest folks you'll find anywhere are Wal-Mart shoppers in Missouri. This proves scientifically that you are an asshole, Mr. Smart Mouth.
  • Well well well. Americans are always moaning, to researchers, about how we don't get enough sleep. But the National Sleep Foundation found that working moms tend to report that they get less sleep than they actually do. Working moms= liars.
  • Scientists say that moon water comes in three different "flavors:" cherry, grape, and lime-apple. Just kidding!!! The flavors are actually Revive, Focus, and Multi-V.
  • Acupuncture: Real thing or just quacks with needles, poking you and then charging you money for it? Well "high tech tools" show that acupuncture really does...various stuff, to your body! Such as put holes in it. And maybe make your qi more good? Who even knows?
  • "Researchers have demonstrated a device that can pick up single quanta of mechanical vibration similar to those that shake molecules during chemical reactions, and have shown that the device itself, which is the width of a hair, acts as if it exists in two places at once-a "quantum weirdness" feat that so far had only been observed at the scale of molecules." Yea, tell your story walking.

[Pic: POWM]