A recent Folgers commercial has been overtaking the airwaves. But what seems to be getting the most on-air emphasis here is not sub-par coffee... It's distasteful family relations!

For some reason this commercial has been everywhere lately. Oh, it's just your regular old run-of-the-mill dad sharing a hot cup o' joe with his puerile, codependent daughter.

Luckily for her, she can go straight from the shelter of Dad's house right to that of her husband's. Todd can monitor her curfew now!

Or, alternately, now she doesn't even have to tell Dad she's gone to Todd's and got back late... She can just stay and bone Todd all night! But either way, Sarah doesn't mind... As long as a domineering man is there to hand her that cup of Folgers in the morning.

That one is bad. But it's just the second in what we can only hope is a streak of uncomfortable Folgers moments.

Um... The best part of waking up is having your hot brother back in town, so you can gaze amorously upon his sexy face? Not sure here, Folgers. Not sure.

Why can't families just wake up to the pleasant smell of coffee brewing like the old days? Oh well. Eagerly awaiting the next installment of Family Values, brought to you by Folgers.

Thanks to Andrew Goldfarb, internet cowboy, always reliable for the propagation of awkwardness in the world.