The current legal analyst for ABC News on Good Morning America, Abrams is also the founder of Abrams Research and the website

Given that his father is the celebrated First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams, it's no surprise that Abrams went to law school. The Manhattan native never practiced the profession, though: Shortly after passing the bar, Steve Brill hired Abrams as a $22,000-a-year reporter at CourtTV and it was there that he first made a name for himself, covering big cases from Dr. Jack Kevorkian to O.J. Simpson.

In 1997, Abrams jumped to NBC News, reporting on the President Clinton impeachment trial for the network before landing his own nightly legal affairs show on MSNBC, The Abrams Report, in 2001. After spending a few years obsessing about Scott Peterson and Natalie Holloway, in 2006 Abrams abandoned the anchor chair to become general manager of the long-struggling network. His short-lived management experience ended in 2007 when he returned to primetime as the host of Verdict with Dan Abrams. Verdict was cancelled in August 2008 to make room for Rachel Maddow, but Abrams has kept plenty busy ever since. He jumped ship to ABC's as the legal analyst and substitute anchor to GMA, started up a media strategy firm in 2008 called Abrams Research, and launched a media news website in 2009 called He's also the co-founder of

Abrams dated actress Elisabeth Rohm from 2003 to 2005 and the couple was engaged briefly before eventually splitting up. More recently, he was connected to actress Renee Zellweger and model Elle Macpherson. In 2012 he announced that he and his girlfriend Florinka Pesent were expecting their first child. [Image via Getty]