The Minutemen are getting back together! (Not the band. Sorry.) The border-guarding, gun-toting vigilantes are heading to Arizona with rifles to "defend" America. Just in time for Congress to take on immigration reform. What could possibly go completely crazy?

With health care the law of the land, the angry people need new things to be angry about. The financial reform package can't be demagogued as effectively as health care was. Cap-and-trade is dead and whatever replaces it will be too toothless to get worked up about.

But immigration! Oooh boy. That'll be fun. Shit, if the Democrats manage to do something about it, there are basically 12 million new votes for them (to make up for some of the votes they lost in the 1960s when they decided to give the racists to the Republicans). It's in the best interests of the Republicans to stop them from accomplishing anything, basically. But—serious Republicans would also like to convince some of America's many millions of Hispanic people to vote for them. So being frothing anti-immigrant bigots is probably not the best look for them, in the long term.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party grownups are really doing their best to make their white populist movement look less crazy and scary, but I cannot help but wonder what will happen to their coalition of people who hate socialism when the illegitimate Kenyan president tries to give AMNESTY to ILLEGALS.

I'm just guessing that we'll see some wonderful new signs. (Which is good, because I am getting kind of tired of Witch Doctor Obama and Anus-Violating Barney Frank.)

Out in Arizona, where John McCain is about to lose his primary to a man who thinks gay marriage is the same thing as horse-rape, those nutty Minutemen are heading back to the border, and bringing the big guns. The actual, literal big guns., a conservative Web site in Arizona, reports that the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, plans to come down to the border armed with rifles this time and will "forcefully engage, detain, and defend our lives and country from the criminals who trample over our culture and laws."

So, this is nice. Right?

The other day, as a couple hundred raging dingbats marched around not understanding how Nobama's Socialist Death Care Bill could possibly pass over the objections of a very vocal minority, literally half-a-million other people peacefully marched in support of immigration reform. They did not get proportionate mediate coverage. Maybe they should've all waved rifles and threatened violence?

[Pic: Chris Hondros/Getty Images News]