Negative role model Joe Biden's four-letter influence has taken hold, at the corner of Flatbush and St. Marks, where mischievous Brooklyn protested developer Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards gentrification party today. Ratner is not amused. But everyone else is!

Obviously, this was not the work of the Department of Transportation, but some unidentified rogue. Locals were both scandalized and titillated, reports The New York Post:

Eladia Causil, who runs a pre-school across the street, said many of her 3-year-old students read the message on the way to class and kept asking questions about it all morning.

Her son, George Causil, said, "You got to hand it to New Yorkers. The person who did this was pretty crafty in getting their message across. It was hilarious."

'Fuck' victim Bruce Ratner—who is a Big Fucking Deal—begs to differ.

Joe DePlasco, a Ratner spokesman, said, "Some irresponsible prankster apparently thinks it's fun to compromise public safety by hacking into the sign and changing the message. It is not funny. It is serious and offensive and, most importantly, a safety issue. We are reporting the vandalism to the Police Department."[Pic: DuelinMarkers Flickr via FreeWilliamsburg]