What do Barack Obama and Rep. Eric "Salty" Massa have in common? They have both tickled people... to disastrous results. During an interview on Indonesian television, we learned of the time Obama's tickling caused a friend to break his arm.

According to Mediaite, Obama gave the interview to Indonesia's RCTI TV to make up for skipping out on a planned trip to Indonesia. The giggly interviewer's fawning would have even made America's Liberal Mainstream Media blush. (ZING.) Until 1:07, when the interviewer begins probing the darker parts of Obama's Indonesian childhood: "Do you remember breaking someone's arm?" We were hoping for a story about young Obama practicing his Silat movies on a classmate. But, here is actually how it went down:

OBAMA: Yes, I do, actually—by accident.
INTERVIEWER:: You tickled the guy!
OBAMA: We were riding a bike together, uh and, uh, he fell. I was very traumatized, is he OK?
INTERVIEWER: He said you tickled him. You tickle him from the back and [giggle]
OBAMA: And we fell on the bike and, uh, I do remember that.

So, uh, did you tickle the guy? Let's get a little transparency here, Obama. We can imagine the Drudge headline already: 'HE SAID YOU TICKLED HIM'