Just like angry former expat Matt Taibbi, the editor-in-chief of the Russian edition of Newsweek, Mikhail Fishman, likes to party the Moscow way. But it may all be a set up by the Kremlin. Or maybe not. Who knows?

The Daily Beast's Michael Idov recaps the titillating story that involves cops, political activists, models/prostitutes, sex and drugs. Says opposition activist Ilya Yashin:

One night she called me up and asked me to come to her apartment right away. She said she had a surprise for me. The surprise was Nastya, and both of them dragged me into bed as soon as I came through the door. I'd be lying if I said I resisted. Everything was fine until Katya produced a whole pile of sex toys: dildos, whips, handcuffs, ball gags."

Is having a little fun with some pretty ladies and some party drugs such a bad thing? Not everyone thinks so:

Let me get this straight," wrote Ilya Krasilschik, the editor of Afisha magazine, commenting on a Facebook status update after the scandal broke and summing up much of the popular sentiment. "You fight the regime, and in exchange the regime brings you free chicks and blow? Duly noted."

Noted, indeed!

This video, in Russian, shows Fishman chopping up a mysterious powder next to a half-naked woman. It gets good at 3:37, maybe NSFW:

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