Did you hear the news? Reading Rainbow is being brought back to life! But while this news is definitely worth celebrating, we couldn't help but wonder if PBS has any other shows worth revisiting. Here's what we came up with.

The Joy of Painting With Bob Ross

Run Dates: 1983-1995
Why We Love It: You can almost see the marijuana haze filling the room. Also, how often do you see such a dashing afro on a white man?
Why We Need To Bring It Back: Because we're still having trouble painting those "happy little trees."

[Via YouTube]


Run Dates: 1972-2005
Why We Love It: Any show that incorporates onomatopoeia in the name is one worth celebrating.
Why We Need To Bring It Back: Because no other show affords us the chance to pick up boys with lines like "Remember that show from when we were kids? Yeah, I was on that."

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The Magic School Bus

Run Dates: 1994-1997
Why We Love It: We all secretly wish we could fly into outer space, then down through our lower intestines, travel through time, all in time for dinner.
Why We Need To Bring It Back: Because what else is Lily Tomlin doing these days?

[Via Gamequarium]

Shining Time Station

Run Dates: 1989-1993
Why We Love It: Four Words: George. Carlin. Ringo. Starr.
Why We Need To Bring It Back: ...On second thought, maybe it's best we leave this one alone.

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Or An Entirely New Show About How Crayons Are Made

Original Air Date: ?
Why We Love It: Because this early Sesame Street video clip is pure heaven.
Why We Need To Bring It Back: See above.

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