Today at Gawker.TV, a look at Joe Biden's worst gaffes, Martha Stewart doesn't know how to use a debit card, Lost dives into Richard Alpert and the Atlantis Theory, and we tear apart The Blind Side's worst movie mistakes.

Joe Biden's Gaffes: A Foot-in-Mouth Chronology
After the health care bill became the health care law yesterday, Joe Biden dropped an f-bomb heard 'round the world. However, this was one of Biden's least egregious gaffes as it was accidental. The others are just PR nightmares.

Movie FAIL: The Blind Side's Most Obvious Mistakes
Things haven't been so easy for Sandra Bullock since she won an Oscar for her performance in The Blind Side, and here we come piling on. Just in time for its DVD release, here some of that film's worst mistakes.

LOST's Richard Alpert Episode Pushes the Atlantis Theory
Did last night's episode prove "The Lost Continent Theory"? Richard Alpert has been on the island longer than anyone sans Jacob and the man in black. Is it a coincidence that he originally set sail from the Canary Islands?

16 and Pregnant: Get This Baby Out of Me!
Instead of constant emotional torture, things got physical last night on 16 and Pregnant. The pain was so bad in fact, it may single-handedly stop teenagers from having sex (unlikely!). In the immortal words of Wesley: To the pain.

Martha Stewart is So Rich that She Can't Understand How Debit Cards Work
A financial expert was giving advice about tracking expenses online when Martha interrupted with questions about debit cards, asking "Does it just beep? What does it do when you overdraw?" Ten bucks says Martha's never received an overdraft charge, either.