For the second day in a row, Senate Republicans decided to quit working at 2 p.m., because they are really cranky. And also Senate rules allow people to shut it down unilaterally, at 2 p.m..

Yes, in order to continue working on things in the afternoon, you apparently need unanimous consent.

This video is what happened when Republicans withdrew their consent yesterday. Sorry, lady, we cannot have this committee meeting anymore, because Senator Crybaby from the state of Fuck You wouldn't consent to finishing one honest day of work.

Remember how Peggy Noonan went on the TV to cluck and whistle and whir and twirl about the "Demon Pass," an obscure-but-legit parliamentary procedure that Democrats considered but did not use? And how a zillion other people all joined her and various other people threatened lawsuits about this thing, even? Hey, maybe some blogger will be invited on to Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann to explain how the Republicans shut down the business of the World's Most Deliberative Body at tea time two days in a row because they are cranky.

They are cranky babies who want to go home early and take naps. Has Harry Reid pointed this out to anyone, yet? Has it been placed in a memo of things to always say, always, over and over again, during all your televised media appearances? No.

Here is a quote from Democratic leadership:

"I don't get it," Senator Claire McCaskill, Democrat of Missouri, said in frustration over the cancellation of a hearing looking into problems with contracts for training of police recruits in Afghanistan.


(I understand that you seem complainy and perhaps even "weak" when you complain too much about minority obstruction, because people really don't get how much a determined and malevolent minority party can fuck everything up, but this is a fucking gimme, Democrats: no one else in the nation gets to decide that they are done working at 2 p.m.! Why don't Republicans want to put in a full day's work?)