Christian Shostle, a former TMZ producer, went on medical leave for depression, unsurprisingly. When he came back, he says, his colleagues were using drugs on the job. He complained. He was fired. Now he's suing. Might TMZ lack professionalism?

Dylan Stableford has a copy of Shostle's lawsuit. The basics: Shostle says he took medical leave for depression, anxiety, and stress last March. He returned to a scene of debauchery!

He kept complaining, he says. The debauchery continued. The next month, he was fired. We have plenty of sympathy for anyone forced to endure employment at TMZ, but what kinds of drugs are we talking about here? Those frat guy reporters hitting the bong before going to pepper reality stars with obnoxious questions? Or Harvey Levin corralling interns to tie off his arm so he can shoot some smack before the editorial meeting? Details matter.

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