Eating dirt. Eating at the world's best restaurant. Eating, as a weapon of international cold war. What do all these things have in common? Science! And eating. And death!

  • A scientific study conducted by actual scientists proves: eating dirt is good for children. Fuck you, mom.
  • (Not really, mom!).
  • Spain's elBulli is the "world's most avant-garde and exalted restaurant." What makes it so? Science, that's what. (According to New Scientist, yea, real unbiased guys). Also the fact that the head chef says elBulli is "not a restaurant." It's a science factory maybe? Even if it was a restaurant, you wouldn't be able to get a table.

Ten percent of adults in China have diabetes. Authorities attribute the epidemic to "people's standard of living improving," which is codespeak for "many many more opportunities to consume KFC 'Famous Bowl' meals than have traditionally been available in the Chinese culture." KFC is the new opium and America is winning the war, BANG.

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