Since Seinfeld, Seinfeld has done a whole lot of nothing. His primary pastimes over the past decade have included tending to a fleet of Porsches, buying and selling real estate, and lavishing money on his socialite wife, Jessica Sklar Seinfeld.

In case you couldn't tell from the accent, Seinfeld was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Massapequa. After graduating from Queens College, he headed straight into standup, but Jerry's big break came in 1981 with a successful appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. In the late '80s, Seinfeld landed a development deal with NBC and, together with comedy writer Larry David, crafted an idea for a sitcom focusing on the pointless minutiae in the lives of some neurotic Upper West Siders. Surprisingly, network execs went for the idea and Seinfeld went on to become one of the most successful and beloved shows of all time. He hasn't been all that busy since. He's appeared in the documentary Comedian, shilled for American Express, recycled his old material in a few books, written a mediocre cartoon movie about a bee, and produced The Marriage Ref.

The succession of beauties that Jerry dated on the show was a fairly accurate representation of his off-screen love life in his 20s. After a brief first marriage, Jerry met Jessica Sklar who had recently married Eric Nederlander, the heir to a Broadway fortune. Sklar almost immediately dumped her husband the couple has been together ever since. They now have three children together. [Image via Getty]