Today at Gawker.TV, Jimmy Fallon drops by Today, the craziest Tea Party Protest videos on the internet, Glenn Beck fires back at James Cameron, summoning the Kraken, and inspired by Reading Rainbow's revival— four shows PBS should bring back.

Glenn Beck and James Cameron Hate Each Other, Because They Should
James Cameron announced his hatred of Beck for the past three years because Beck called him "the anti-Christ". Last night, Beck responded to Cameron's comments on his show. So two people nobody likes don't like each other? Weird.

Jimmy Fallon Crashes Today Show Segment on "The Birds & The Bees"
This morning's surprise appearance by Jimmy Fallon on the 4th hour of The Today Show (during an interview about talking to your kids about sex, no less!) has to be the most awkwardly funny TV clip of the entire morning!

Tea Partiers: A Dossier of Insanity
While it's tempting to judge all Tea Party Protesters by the offensive actions of a few, each sign wielding crowd certainly contains some thoughtful individuals with nuanced grievances. That being said, here are some sensational incidents of teabaggery!

The Other PBS Shows In Need of a Revival
Did you hear the news? Reading Rainbow is being brought back to life! But while this news is definitely worth celebrating, we couldn't help but wonder if PBS has any other shows worth revisiting. Here's what we came up with.

Releasing That Kraken All Over Your FACE
"Release the Kraken" is shaping up to be a pretty great meme. So we decided to push it over the top by making a "Release the Kraken" video. So without further ado: Liam Neeson...please release that Kraken.