Mark this day on your calendars, people. Today is the day that Elisabeth Hasselbeck agreed with Joy Behar on The View. And it was about Sarah Palin, too! Up is down! Black is white! Cake is pie! What's going on!?!?

All it took for Hasselbeck to agree politically with Joy Behar was years of incessant nagging by the other members of The View, and Sarah Palin creating a map that looked like she was calling for Americans to murder members of Congress that voted for the health care bill law(!) If Elisabeth Hasselbeck can't defend Sarah Palin, then it's safe to say Sarah Palin has gone too far.

Although it didn't take long for Hasselbeck to realize what she's done (agree with Behar? It'd be easier to rip off her skin!), and immediately take a swift low-blow, in the form of calling Behar's personal website "". Phew. Cake is cake again.