There has been a war going on. A secret war that only a few select people know about. It's the war that rages between the Ginger clan and South Park.

Ever since South Park initially aired their episode entitled "Ginger Kids" in season 9 around five years ago, they have angered many red heads. They've even incited violence as this previous post displays. Since everyone knows that red heads are evil soulless, vampires, Cartman decides to tell the world in a class presentation:

After the episode aired, a YouTube user named CopperCab begin waging a war for all the insulted red heads around the world. He made a series of videos telling his audience about the constant abuse he receives for simply having red hair (and no soul). He's a good Christian and he's super serious:

South Park noticed CobberCab's extreme reaction to their anti-ginger episode and decided it was time to retaliate. Instead of indirectly insulting CobberCab, they made a direct parody of his online video with Cartman as CobberCab:

The most recent update in this war is CobberCab's response. He saw the South Park parody! It wasn't funny! In fact, it's insulting!

Honestly, if South Park decided to make fun of me for whatever reason (video game nerd, stupid hair, glasses-pick one!) I'd be thrilled. Bonus South Park ginger hilarity here.