Fly Girls premiered last night, but all I could find when I turned to the channel was a soft-core pornography featuring sexy flight attendants.

It took a few minutes, but once I began to see the all too familiar signs of women on reality television, it began to sink in - this was actually the show.

The show begins by introducing the flight attendants and telling their stories. Some of them wanted to be nurses, some mothers, but all of them wanted to burst out of their tops. Naturally since they are all sexy and young, the most obvious choice was to become a flight attendant, because it's the most glamorous job in the world!

Just like you thought boys, they want you to be their IFB (that's In Flight Boyfriend for those who don't speak sexy flight attendant). They are just waiting for you to come onto the plane so they can give you sexy eyes with your complimentary bottle of water.

What reality television show would be complete without showing the "reality" that all women are really just catty bitches and just can't get along with other females!

But it's not their fault, they just want to party with all the boys!

And of course without that Y chromosome to stabilize their emotions, they just cry and cry.

Perhaps the only thing on this show that wasn't expected was this weird moment that featured a grown man quoting lines from Austin Powers movies. Thankfully this time the idiot doesn't get the pretty girl - but who knows, maybe she'll realize by the end of the season that she just isn't getting any younger.

Since this was only the first episode, it is possible that this show will get better in time. But considering its premise - five sexy flight attendants working for Virgin airlines - stay tuned for more stereotypes and fantasies being dreamed up by the men in charge.