After being banned from speaking at a Canadian college for hate speech, Ann Coulter visited The Joy Behar Show to plead her case. When Behar asked her, "Why did you call John Edwards a f*ggot?" Coulter just squirmed and laughed.

Here's a partial transcript:

Behar: Why do you do that, though? You're so smart, you're a smart girl, which is why you're on my show. And yet you use these very, very, you know...

Coulter: Thank you

Behar: ...volatile words, things that really go to the lowest level of interaction, social intercourse, why do you do that?

Coulter: I totally disagree and I think you are the last person to make that point if we went through each one of these in their full, lush context, um, because you're a funny gal, Joy, you can see that comedy is harder than having a political opinion. Obviously, a lot of what I say are what's known as jokes, and, uh, you mentioned the f*ggot joke about John Edwards—look, I'm not a comedy specialist the way you are, but there were 7,000 people in the room and they roared with that. When 7,000 people laugh, it was funny. Um, and by the way, now that we know a little bit more about John Edwards and his wife, I think I was proved right on that one, here like I say, you know.

Behar: You were not proved right.

Coulter: (Babbling)

Behar: How are you proved right on John Edwards by calling him a f*ggot? What was the point of that? Why did you call him that?

Coulter: I didn't call him a f*ggot. Well, I insinuated...

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