Ever-industrious Sorkin is the Times' wunderkind finance reporter and the editor of Dealbook, the first blog the Gray Lady launched.

Sorkin and the New York Times go way back: he started as an intern there during his senior year at Scarsdale High School. He continued to work with the paper during his time at Cornell and had already published over 70 articles before he graduated. He officially started at the Times in 1999 and quickly became their chief mergers and acquisitions reporter, a position he holds to this day. Although he's added on the title of assistant editor of business and finance news, he most notably had edited the financial news website Dealbook since its inception in 2001. One of the first financial aggregate services, it was also the first official New York Times web launch. Recently, he's begun to branch out to journalist-friendly ventures, such as publishing his first book Too Big To Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save The Financial System—And Themselves and co-anchoring the Squawk Box on CNBC. [Image via Getty]