With her sister Mary-Kate, former kiddie star Ashley Olsen now makes big bucks thanks to her Dualstar Entertainment Group, a tween fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle powerhouse, and her increasingly fancy-shmantzy lines.

Ashley started off her career at the wise, old age of nine months when she and twin sister Mary Kate were tapped to play Michelle Tanner on Full House. The cheeky infant(s) captured the nation, and before you can say "You got it, dude," Mary-Kate and Ashley became the faces of a multi-million dollar kiddie empire. Cue a long line of direct-to-video movies, albums, books, fragrances, clothes, even Barbie dolls. After Full House came to a close, MK & A went on to star on the TGIF staple Two of a Kind, the more mature So Little Time on ABC Family, and helmed the film New York Minute, all the while spending time sharpening their business acumen and developing Dualstar Entertainment Group, which the pair co-presidents of in 2004.

While her other half pops up in film projects and rehab centers alike, Ashley has taken the quieter path in life. After briefly attending NYU, Ashley steadily works away at her and her sister's high fashion clothing lines The Row and Elizabeth & James, both of which have garnered critical praise, breaking the trend of celebs-cum-fashion designers. Even though MK always seemed to be the more fun one, Ashley is just as well known for her active social life and the long list of men she's been involved with, like David Katzenberg, Lance Armstrong, Scott Sartiano, and Justin Bartha. [Image via Getty]