With any popular music video comes a seemingly endless amount of web parodies, and Lady Gaga and Beyoncé's "Telephone" is no different. But how do you separate the good ones from the junk? You let us do it for you!

Here's a collection of what we believe are the best "Telephone" video parodies the web has to offer, from literal ones, to alternate interpretations, to efforts made before the official video was even released, and more. So, without further ado, click onward (and let's make a sandwich)!

The Key of Awesome Version


This is the Mack Daddy of "Telephone" parody videos, as far as we're concerned. A little bit critical of Gaga, yes, but when it's done so well, should you really complain? Take a literal interpretation, throw in Gaga trying to convince Beyoncé to go along with the plan—her response of, "If you think I'm doing this, then you're a crazy bastard, you must've blown a gasket, are you trippin' on acid?" is just one of many great lines—and add some self-deprecating zing, and you've got a recipe for a parody video that sets the bar higher than any other.



The Dude Version

This version, by YouTube superstar Shane Dawson, was uploaded yesterday and already has almost one million views—need we say more? Dawson's take on the "Telephone" concept from a "Totally, brah!" angle is both well done and fittingly hilarious.



Here, YouTuber Peter Coffin creates an auto-tuned/electronica version of the video, but replaces the telephone with a banana. And even if it weren't so damn catchy, lines like, "You do not need no plan with this, banana callin's free, except that it's a fruit and, as such, it will never ring," made it worth watching, anyway.


The Chatroulette Version

This version, by Steve Kardynal, is a perfectly-edited Tour de Force. Kardynal dresses in what seems to be an infinite amount of skimpy outfits and prances around his room as unsuspecting strangers on Chatroulette witness his over-the-top performance of enough gyrations to make your head spin (and hurt from laughter).


The Drag Version

You just knew this was coming, didn't you? Presented by Ryan James Yezak and starring Scott Nelson and Luna Flare, this drag interpretation showed up on YouTube a month before the actual video. An interesting interpretation, indeed.


The Original Drag Version

Before Yezak's video was this one, by Bah Bah Films, which has amassed more than four million YouTube views since it made its debut last November. It wouldn't be a post about Gaga/Beyoncé parodies without at least two drag versions, after all, right?


The Him and Me TV Version

If you can get past the fact that the star looks a bit like Chris Crocker, this version—by Him and Me TV—is actually pretty impressive for its attention to detail with a satirical twist (Foster's beer cans instead of Diet Coke; completely random product placement integration).


The Habbo Version

The Habbo social networking site may not be relevant anymore—at least not to those who live online in an age of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr—but that doesn't mean it can't inspire video parodies!


Well, that's all she wrote. Feel like we missed any of the best "Telephone" parodies floating around the Internet? Embed them in the comments!