Two-time Grammy winner Marc Anthony rose to fame with hits like "Te Conozco Bien" and "I Need to Know", but in recent years might be better known for his tempestuous relationship with fellow Nuyorican recording artist Jennifer Lopez.

Born Marco Antonio Muñiz in East Harlem, Anthony, the youngest of seven children, was named after the Mexican singer of… exactly the same name. As a young man, he began working for Menudo and Latin Rascals as a backup vocalist before coming out with his first album in 1988. He continued to feature on popular Latin and freestyle albums before coming out with his first salsa album in 1992. From that point on, Anthony would record almost exclusively within the salsa genre, later becoming known as the best-selling salsa artist of all time. His 1995 single "I Need to Know" reached the Billboard top five, and he recorded a duet with his future (ex-)wife Jennifer Lopez on her hit album On the 6.

Anthony was married to Lopez from 2004 to 2011. In that time, they starred in the Héctor Lavoe biopic El Cantante together, chronicling the singer's rise and fall. Some thought the film's depiction of Lavoe's domineering relationship with his wife mirrored that of Anthony and Lopez, at least partially explaining their 2011 divorce. The couple's split hasn't stopped them from collaborating on the Latin American talent search TV show Q'Viva!. In the meantime, Anthony has appeared on medical drama HawthoRNe, which also stars Jada Pinkett Smith.