When we told you Mayor Bloomberg planned to dress up as a Hair hippie for this year's Inner Circle dinner, we suggested he dress in drag. He didn't—but he did mingle with Snooki and The Situation! Video inside.

Bloomberg let his fake hair down and went full hippie for charity in New York last night at the annual event, which raises funds for dozens of causes via the roasting of public officials. Wearing a long wig and multicolored shirt and jacket combo complete with enough fringe to last years, man, Bloomberg—as "Berg," an aging hobo—sang along with the Hair cast and self-deprecated as much as one can when he's not actually supposed to be himself.

The real highlight of the night, though, was a "special" appearance by none other than Snooki and The Situation (who decided to stick to their requisite Guido/Guidette garb), who mingled with Bloomberg on the stage and surely confused 90% of those in attendance.

Even though Bloomberg didn't go full drag, at least he made up for it with the snookin' and such. After all, maybe it was a bit much to expect, even though his predecessor had no problem leaving the fringe for nipple tassels (where it belongs, natch).